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Established Jun.24, 2013, as a venture company and evaluated technology excellent  company(grade T5) Naturalwelltech Co.,Ltd. is a promising manufacturing company with 14 intellectual property rights in the field of health
and wellness.
Selected as an IKMP(Invest Korea Market Place) best item of Korea Trade Association KOTRA, Micro-current Therapy Band and medical features Smart Watch as a flagship product in domestic as well. Based on R & D capability, manufacture and supply of high-value-added products with advanced fusion technologies into the global market.
* Micro-current Theraphy Band(first int the world)
 Product(Service) Introduction / Solution
* Supplying Micro current necessary for human body and helps ;
- Increase Cell renewal energy ATP up to 500%
- Protein synthesis, DNA synthesis, and activation of T lymphocytes
- More than 40% cell membrane permeability
- Immune enhancement, pain relief, edema treatment, weight loss,
  hormone secretion promotion, Removal of body waste 70%, bone   regeneration and   wound healing, spine arthritis, fracture healing and helps preventing from and cure fatigue, cancer and dementia etc.
 Product(Serivce) Advantages / Differentiators / Innovation
* Advantages
 - Electrical recharged and Convenient worn on the wrist
* Differentiation and innovation technology
 - The world's first wrist band type(mostly rubbed or large type)
 - Rechargeable, low cost and high efficacy
 - Classification of fine current supply operation mode into weak, medium, and strong
 - Different wave for each mode (Sawtooth, Square wave, Step wave)
 - Supplied 400,000 pulses per second (patented)
*Micro-current Theraphy and multi-function
Smartwatch(first in the world)
 Product(Service) Introduction / Solution
* Disease care micro-current therapy function
  (with function of therapy band)
* Features of essential smart watch
 - GPS, Wi-Fi, camera, clock, date, alarm function
 - Heartbeat check, pedometer, etc. Body and exercise related functions
 - Various functions connected with smartphone with other Bluetooth
 Product(Serivce) Advantages / Differentiators / Innovation
* Advantages
 - Electrical recharge type and convenient to use on the wrist
* Differentiation and innovation technology
 -Leading customer satisfaction with rechargeable, low cost and high functionality
 -Disease, health care Micro-current therapy function
  and smart watch function together
 -Functionality compatible with smart device wearable trend
 -Fusion engineering innovation technology of electricity, electronics,
  artificial intelligence, health, medicine and smart technology
Provisions and Prospect ;
* 12 global world branches will be established in 2019.
*  Each nation's FDAs certification will be completed(~2021)  
*  Achieved 300million USD sales in 2021
   and will be listed on the stock market in 2022
We need 2~5 million USD investment for this project
from your company(Equity 10~30% investment or M&A).
The term unredeemed is 3 years and redempted all the
invested money at once(This condition can be negotiated).
Your strategic review for this proposal,
and positive response would be very appreciated, ASAP.  
Sincerely yours Bae, T.R
Global CPO of naturalwell.Co.,Ltd. R.O.K

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